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These are 20 of Australia’s hottest startups

The Australian economy is transitioning — as the mining investment boom comes to the end, the dollar weakens and technology brings down ever more barriers. There are thousands of small businesses across the country, tackling innumerable industries, contributing significantly to future growth and employing a plurality of Australians. This isn’t a definitive list of Australian startups, but for various reasons they are all ones to watch.


Timelio co-founders Andrew and Charlotte Petris. Supplied.


Husband and wife team Andrew and Charlotte Petris raised $500,000 late last year for Timelio, a peer-to-peer marketplace for invoice financing. A booming avenue for finance, the service allows companies to sell their accounts receivable – the money they are owed, in order to unlock cash to expand quickly. The platform had already seen $3.5 million in sales cross their platform by their first capital raising.

Originally published by Business Insider

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