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Why Cash is King

Cash flow, revenue and profit are important metrics to determine the success of your business, but they are very different concepts. Your business may have great margins, healthy order books and a large receivable balance but access to cash is still a struggle.

trade finance

Invoice Finance Vs Trade Finance: What you need to know

One of the most important factors of a successful business is cash flow management. We breakdown a summary of the key things you need to know about invoice finance and trade finance and how they can help your business.

3 tips to thrive during the holiday trading season

The Christmas period is crucial for many businesses with sales growth presenting challenges in managing stock, supply chains, and cash flow. Here’s our quick tips to make this holiday period easier for your business.

Payment Times Reporting Scheme

Introducing the Payment Times Reporting Scheme

Payment terms to small business have become a contentious point and grabbed the attention of Parliament to intervene. Helping small businesses get paid on time has been a key focus for Parliament and in October 2020 a bill was passed to help bring this to the forefront. Here is what you need to know.

Cash Flow Strategies

5 Cash Flow Strategies for this Financial Year

It’s been well documented that effective cash flow strategies are the lifeline of any business and whilst the term “unprecedented times” has now become a part of our daily vernacular, the uncertainty over this pandemic has no doubt caused stress to small business owners across Australia.

The New Financial Year – What it means for your SME

It’s the new financial year and many businesses across Australia have had their challenges. Last year presented ordeals NO ONE could have predicted, but it’s important to reflect on the things that worked, things that could’ve been done better and how the recent government stimulus incentives affect end of year tax.

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