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How wearable technology has changed banking practice

The times they are a changing. If you haven’t heard of wearable or nearable technology, it is time to do some research. This is technology that is changing the way we live our lives and do business with each other. ...

CEOs and the future of finance

In times of global economic uncertainty CEOs are looking for innovation. This can be technology-based, or it may come through service offering or new priority markets. Whatever the field or sector, innovation is required for business growth and survival. And...

InvoiceBid aligns new name with business philosophy

To better reflect InvoiceBid’s fast solution to invoice financing, the company has changed its name to Timelio.  The repositioning of InvoiceBid to Timelio reflects the company’s rapid growth as it positions itself as a leading financial services alternative. Timelio’s tagline...

Key signs your business needs a cash injection to grow

Growing a business is about getting the most you can out of the assets you have, but there comes a time when you realise that further assets are required to push your business to a whole new level. The key...

5 smart ways to fund your business expansion

In business you have two choices: maintain the status quo or take a risk and grow. For the more entrepreneurial-minded, there is no choice: if you don’t adapt and expand, you die. Expansion requires all cogs in the business wheel...

The rise of peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, also known as marketplace lending, is an industry in its infancy in Australia, but one which is experiencing rapid growth. A recent Morgan Stanley report on the industry says P2P loans will soar to $22 billion in Australia in the next five years, $11.4 billion of this in lending to businesses.

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