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Rent Relief for Australian Businesses

Rent Relief for Australian Businesses

For businesses impacted by COVID-19, auditing all business expenses is imperative to not only survive the uncertain times, but more importantly make it through to the other side. Rent for commercial businesses normally accounts for the second biggest business expense behind employee salaries.

Coronavirus Business Support: What it means for your Business

The Australian Government is supporting Australian businesses to manage cash flow challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Assistance includes cash flow support and temporary measures to provide relief for businesses. Here are some of the incentives announced that will help your business during this uncertain period. We break it down state by state.

Timelio Supporting Businesses Amid Coronavirus Concerns

The economic impacts of the Covid-19 coronavirus are already beginning to hit businesses across Australia. Our priority at Timelio is to ensure businesses feel supported. We are working with our customers to ensure they have the stock they need and their cash flow is secured.

10 Myths of Invoice Finance

Invoice finance, which is also referred to as ‘factoring’ or ‘debtor finance’, has significantly evolved over the years due to advancements in technology and innovative funding alternatives. We debunk some of the BIG myths of invoice finance, which may be stopping you from taking your business to the next level of growth

Timelio and DelayPay: Technology Partners in Agriculture

We are proud to have a technology partnership with DelayPay who are helping so many businesses in the agriculture industry manage cash flow. The first in our series of case studies, see how Timelio and DelayPay helped Melanie and Darren, manage a 2000 acre dairy establishment in South Australia.

3 Signs You’ll Need Invoice Finance This Year…

The new year brings many exciting opportunities for your business growth. It is also a great time to reassess your strategy and consider if you have all the resources to support its growth. Your business may have great margins, healthy order books and a large debtor balance, but on the other hand cash flow might be a different story.

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