Introducing the New-Look Timelio

Much has happened at Timelio over the last four years! Starting from the home office in Bayside Melbourne, to a Series A funded business located at the Paris end of Collins Street in the Melbourne CBD. Founded by Charlotte and Andrew Petris in 2014 with a vision to create an online marketplace that empowers businesses by freeing up access to cash flow, while also providing investors with new investment opportunities.

I joined the business in January this year as a new Managing Director, working with the co-founders to build and scale Timelio. One of my first steps in the new position was to focus on building a strong brand on which to launch the next phase of Timelio’s growth.

Coming on board at Timelio, I could see the huge potential which sits within the business and the Timelio brand. With the exciting plans we have over the next 12-18 months and building on our young history, giving the brand a refresh by building a cohesive new look and feel would help to show our transition from start-up into a maturing, competitive business.

Bottom Up

Our purpose is to improve the financial well being of business owners. As Timelio has evolved, so have our customer and product offerings. Today, as an outcome of our evolution, our customers include businesses seeking funding, large corporates who support their supply chain through early payment and wholesale investors through the Timelio Capital Fund or direct investment in the marketplace.

It’s a diverse audience but we focus around our mission to enable business growth through fast, flexible funding and alternative investment opportunities.

Designing the New Look

What we really wanted was for Timelio to stand out in the market, but we also wanted to keep some of the heritage of the brand, to show where we’ve come from but evolve and mature it to where we’re going. We also wanted something bold that would help us to stand out because we are doing things differently and at odds to the analogue incumbents.

Timelio’s co-founders have built a business and culture which truly wants to help Australian businesses grow with the daring to do things differently.

It was very important that we stayed away from looking and feeling like a bank, because we’re not a bank, we’re the easy-to-deal-with, flexible alternative to a bank. We’re not here to fit in, we’re not looking to blend into the background with the same offer that everyone else has – we’re here to challenge the status quo, to offer our customers a unique, transparent and authentic product with a super accessible team behind it, with a brand that reflects this.

What we also wanted to convey in our new look is that we’re a boots-on-the-ground, Australian company – there are no overseas call centres, when you call us you’ll speak with someone here in Australia who’s authentic and will go above and beyond to help customers every time.

We’re lucky, in that Australia is a beautiful country with some breathtaking features, from the vivid, colour-soaked alleyways of Melbourne, the bright harbour city of Sydney, out to the intense red desserts of the Kimberly. All of these make for some stunning imagery that add a whole lot of colour in our new branding, and reflect a country we feel deeply ingrained in.


A New Digital Experience

The official rebrand culminated in the launch of our new-look website, a project that has been in development for a number of months.

Our rebrand wouldn’t have been complete without rebuilding our website and the Timelio marketplace. These projects are far more than just a simple re-skin – they’re ground-up rebuilds of the entire platforms. We’ve put a huge amount of effort into planning out our customers journey for both our website and the marketplace, making sure they have access to all the information they need in an intuitive, user friendly design.

The new marketplace platform is expected to launch in early 2019 and is the end-result of over 12 months of work from our talented developer team. This has been a project of massive scope, one we couldn’t have undertaken without the extremely talented team we’re building here.

Keep an eye out over the coming 12 months as you’ll see an ambitious business doing things differently and stepping up to help Australian businesses grow.


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