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Melbourne rises as hot spot for women entrepreneurs

Melbourne is fast rising as a hot spot for women entrepreneurs. Charlotte Petris, co-founder of Timelio, speaks from the Dell Women Entrepreneurs Network conference in Singapore about building a fintech business in Melbourne.

PODCAST: The Future of Cash Flow Financing

Daniel Calo from Future Nation interviews Timelio founder, Charlotte Petris, in his podcast series exploring the future of disruptive technologies. Find out about the latest fintech innovations and insights into the impact this has for the future...

Future of Fintech

Our new articles series, “Future of Fintech” will focus on fintech experts around the world. Top executives will share their thoughts on the trends that will transform financial services...

Fast-moving fintechs call for collaboration

For fintech companies to thrive in Australia there needs to be a shift in culture and a change in the way banks look at opportunities. The most successful start-up companies in this sector have been able to balance collaboration and disruption, to offer customers a genuine alternative to traditional providers...

Carnbrea deal gives fintech Timelio an edge in funding

Melbourne-based fintech Timelio has landed a deal with investment manager Carnbrea for a round of funding that will be directly poured into Australian businesses through Timelio’s online platform. The funding round, for an undisclosed sum, is part of Timelio’s global...

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