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case study:

hamilton roofing.

building success as a subcontractor

The Gold Coast has long been an epicentre of residential and commercial development and the employment opportunities available influenced Tim Hamilton’s decision to move there in the 90’s. Almost 30 years later, he is no longer on the tools and is now running a successful roofing business with a solid reputation in the construction industry. But it hasn’t always been easy.

There are many challenges that come with being a subcontractor working in construction, and Hamilton Roofing credit their longevity to continual evolution and adaptation.

“their bank was unwilling to support progress claims, essential for

financing project-based work.”

Nadia Wilcox, Office Manager, says the high volume, low end of the market has become a “price race to the bottom” making it difficult to cover costs. Some time ago they made the conscious decision to move into the high end of the market and this decision has served them well. But unfortunately, their bank was not able to adapt as well as they did to the changing landscape.

As they grew, their bank was unwilling to support progress claims, essential for financing project-based work. They also tried a traditional invoice financier and found them too rigid with unrealistic requests for paperwork. Nadia says, “we’re working with some guys who have their office in their ute. Expecting them to provide additional paperwork was never going to work.” Add to that the “crippling fees” and they knew they had to find a more suitable funding partner. Nadia says since they discovered Timelio everything has changed. “We’re now only paying for what we use, and we don’t need to provide copious amounts of paperwork. It was exactly what we needed and it’s saving me valuable time.”


“It was exactly what we needed and it’s saving me valuable time.”

sky’s the limit

Hamilton Roofing continues to experience strong growth as they are looking at further increasing their product offering in the luxury market. Importantly, they are clear about their goals and values and recommend other businesses should keep a similar focus.

Nadia says “Tim’s values and goals run throughout the whole business. It affects every part of our operations: relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees. If you get your values and goals right, and have the required cash flow, you’ll have the ability to adapt and grow with the market.”

Great company to deal with, easy process to follow and staff are very helpful.



David and his team have made this process from set up to management of each invoice simple and easy navigate. The website for managing the invoices is easy to use and provides all details required. The team are responsive to queries knowledgeable with their help and advice. Thanks Timelio Team!



Setup is very easy and the Timelio team were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Funding was approved and available within 24 hrs as promised. I would highly recommend Timelio.



Timelio was the answer to our funding needs. They are willing to listen and recognise that not all businesses are the same! They took time to understand our business and our strategy. The service is easy to manage, responsive and flexible. The fees are clear and upfront.



The Timelio platform has worked extremely well for my company. Every invoice we have submitted has been financed with a minimum of delay or fuss. I feel very willing to recommend it to any company that has solid invoices but needs to improve its cashflow.



Great alternative for new and coming companies to manage stock, receivables and growth. Fast and with good systems to make experience really smooth.



We love Timelio and have been funding some of our biggest customers. The platform is easy to use and we get a quick turnaround with funds into our account. It has made our cashflow improve immensely. Their fees are the most competative in the market. I would not hesitate in recommending Timelio.



Timelio is not your average invoice factoring company. They are very innovative with their approach to lending - even with debtors funding. I am impressed with how efficient they are in pulling the deal together - they have taken my old funding partner and myself by surprise.



We found Timelio at this years Xero conference, and it was very 'Timelio' if you get my drift. Within a week Charlotte and her team helped turn our cash flow problems around. Timelio is a very important partner in our business and we look forward to growing with you.



Timelio is a truly unique financial service that will work close with your business to achieve its goals and assist with growth. Coming from a history of using companies like Scottish Pacific and Bibby financial services I can clearly state that Timelio is a much more business friendly and well structured institue with no hidden charges and uncertainties. 




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