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case study:

hegs pegs.

a great australian story

Scott Boocock has created a great Australian story. In 2012, after years working in a range of roles and industries, he had a lightbulb moment. While hanging out ‘delicates’ on the washing line he wondered why pegs didn’t come with handy hooks. That question was the catalyst for ‘Hegs’; an Australian product manufactured locally and now sold across the world.

Of course this didn’t all happen overnight. While his expansion goals were pretty large from the beginning, an accounting firm who were helping his business asked him how he was going to fund his growth ambitions. Scott says, “I assumed I would go to the banks but looking back, it never would have worked”.

“To sit there and wait for a bank to finance your product just

Isn’t going to happen and that’s where Timelio steps in and

funds us quickly.”

Initial interest from domestic and international retailers is exciting, but Scott says getting a purchase order is what it is all about. “What a lot of people don’t understand is the time it takes to secure a deal. You might work on it for three years but then suddenly they give you a purchase order and they might expect you to deliver product within eight weeks. To sit there and wait for a bank to finance your product just isn’t going to happen and that’s where Timelio steps in and funds us quickly.”

“Whether it is $10,000 or $100,000 we submit it to Timelio and they process it within 24 hours. We’ve just launched in England, Ireland and Scotland, and Timelio has helped us enter those new markets.”

“I’m very grateful my accountant suggested Timelio in the first place

as it has worked brilliantly for us.”

“I’m very grateful my accountant suggested Timelio in the first place as it has worked brilliantly for us.” Scott says it’s simple and the integrations between their accounting software, inventory system and Timelio has really helped them. “I have everything available to me, no matter where I am in the world. And it is in multi-currency which is essential now we are working with different countries.”

the future of hegs

Scott says he has some big plans for his Australian company. Initially he wondered if in 20 years people would no longer use pegs, just ‘Hegs’. However, his goals have now amplified. Scott is predicting the Hegs brand will become one of the leading laundry brands across the world and he says he can’t wait to see where it all goes.

Great company to deal with, easy process to follow and staff are very helpful.



David and his team have made this process from set up to management of each invoice simple and easy navigate. The website for managing the invoices is easy to use and provides all details required. The team are responsive to queries knowledgeable with their help and advice. Thanks Timelio Team!



Setup is very easy and the Timelio team were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Funding was approved and available within 24 hrs as promised. I would highly recommend Timelio.



Timelio was the answer to our funding needs. They are willing to listen and recognise that not all businesses are the same! They took time to understand our business and our strategy. The service is easy to manage, responsive and flexible. The fees are clear and upfront.



The Timelio platform has worked extremely well for my company. Every invoice we have submitted has been financed with a minimum of delay or fuss. I feel very willing to recommend it to any company that has solid invoices but needs to improve its cashflow.



Great alternative for new and coming companies to manage stock, receivables and growth. Fast and with good systems to make experience really smooth.



We love Timelio and have been funding some of our biggest customers. The platform is easy to use and we get a quick turnaround with funds into our account. It has made our cashflow improve immensely. Their fees are the most competative in the market. I would not hesitate in recommending Timelio.



Timelio is not your average invoice factoring company. They are very innovative with their approach to lending - even with debtors funding. I am impressed with how efficient they are in pulling the deal together - they have taken my old funding partner and myself by surprise.



We found Timelio at this years Xero conference, and it was very 'Timelio' if you get my drift. Within a week Charlotte and her team helped turn our cash flow problems around. Timelio is a very important partner in our business and we look forward to growing with you.



Timelio is a truly unique financial service that will work close with your business to achieve its goals and assist with growth. Coming from a history of using companies like Scottish Pacific and Bibby financial services I can clearly state that Timelio is a much more business friendly and well structured institue with no hidden charges and uncertainties. 




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