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Case Study:


Sustainable export finance

The future of packaging can be summed up in one word – sustainable – and SECOS Group (ASX: SES), with its proprietary technology across an 11-patent family, sits at the cutting edge. Boasting an annual revenue in excess of $21 million,
SECOS supplies biodegradable and biohybrid™ resins, sustainable packaging products and high-quality cast films to a
global base of blue chip customers.

Executive Chairman, Richard Tegoni, says, “We assist global packaging companies to improve their products by
making them more sustainable, with the added benefit of improved performance such as stronger films that feel softer
to touch.” “Many of our products replace traditional plastic with superior alternatives made with renewables and less
oil. Our patented sustainable plastics compost, whereas traditional plastic takes thousands of years.”

“they (the banks) just kept offering us poor, unhelpful terms.”

Business is good for SECOS’ eco-friendly, sustainable packaging. But there have been challenges. “We have spent a lot
of time and invested millions of dollars in R&D over many years to satisfy the extremely high benchmark set by our blue
chip customer base. I’m pleased that we now have the product performance nailed but there can be months
between receiving orders and getting paid, with manufacturing and exporting time in between.”

Initially SECOS sought financing from traditional banks. But they wanted to see more a concrete long-term supplier
agreement, which is not the way packaging supply chains work.

“There are no forms to fill, no pages of compliance reports to write,

just a nice portal and good service.”

“Australian banks scare easily. Big companies call the shots. They couldn’t get their minds around doing business this
way. They didn’t understand export finance or acknowledge the low risk of our blue chip clients’ invoices or purchase


exporting on timelio


Having looked around, they were thrilled by Timelio’s export finance offer. Edmond Tern, Chief Financial Officer says,
“Right now, I don’t think there’s another provider in the market that comes close to Timelio in terms of flexibility, ease to
deal with or professionalism.” Timelio offers finance without the bureaucracy of the banks. They move quickly.

“Recognising the value of our low-risk customer invoices has significantly improved our cashflow. We’re so pleased with
the outcome. I’d certainly recommend them.”

Great company to deal with, easy process to follow and staff are very helpful.



David and his team have made this process from set up to management of each invoice simple and easy navigate. The website for managing the invoices is easy to use and provides all details required. The team are responsive to queries knowledgeable with their help and advice. Thanks Timelio Team!



Setup is very easy and the Timelio team were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Funding was approved and available within 24 hrs as promised. I would highly recommend Timelio.



Timelio was the answer to our funding needs. They are willing to listen and recognise that not all businesses are the same! They took time to understand our business and our strategy. The service is easy to manage, responsive and flexible. The fees are clear and upfront.



The Timelio platform has worked extremely well for my company. Every invoice we have submitted has been financed with a minimum of delay or fuss. I feel very willing to recommend it to any company that has solid invoices but needs to improve its cashflow.



Great alternative for new and coming companies to manage stock, receivables and growth. Fast and with good systems to make experience really smooth.



We love Timelio and have been funding some of our biggest customers. The platform is easy to use and we get a quick turnaround with funds into our account. It has made our cashflow improve immensely. Their fees are the most competative in the market. I would not hesitate in recommending Timelio.



Timelio is not your average invoice factoring company. They are very innovative with their approach to lending - even with debtors funding. I am impressed with how efficient they are in pulling the deal together - they have taken my old funding partner and myself by surprise.



We found Timelio at this years Xero conference, and it was very 'Timelio' if you get my drift. Within a week Charlotte and her team helped turn our cash flow problems around. Timelio is a very important partner in our business and we look forward to growing with you.



Timelio is a truly unique financial service that will work close with your business to achieve its goals and assist with growth. Coming from a history of using companies like Scottish Pacific and Bibby financial services I can clearly state that Timelio is a much more business friendly and well structured institue with no hidden charges and uncertainties. 




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