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InvoiceBid aligns new name with business philosophy

To better reflect InvoiceBid’s fast solution to invoice financing, the company has changed its name to Timelio.  The repositioning of InvoiceBid to Timelio reflects the company’s rapid growth as it positions itself as a leading financial services alternative. Timelio’s tagline is “Money today, growth tomorrow” which illustrates the company’s core benefit of providing funding to allow businesses to take on opportunities to grow.

The changes come into effect in August 2015 and will coincide with the launch of a new website that makes it easier for users to navigate the services and options available to them.

“When we founded InvoiceBid, it was with the intention of creating a simple and flexible finance option for business owners,” says Timelio co-founder Charlotte Petris. “We felt we could better exemplify this mission in a name that reflects everything we stand for including growth and timely finance solutions.”

Timelio allows businesses access to cash tied up in outstanding invoices, without waiting up to 120 days for payment. Timelio’s online platform brings together businesses that have large corporations as their customers with investors who bid against each other to offer a competitive rate of finance.

Timelio’s core business and strength remains strongly rooted in innovative and supportive finance options.

“What we do is allow income seeking investors to access a new asset class, previously only available to banks and finance companies,” says Andrew Petris, co-founder and Head of Investors. “As we shifted our focus and offering, it became important to succinctly relay our core messages. We felt we could do this best through a change in corporate identity.”

The change of the corporate name to Timelio is an important milestone in the history of the company.

“It reflects our broader commitment and our expertise in driving the innovations needed to shape the future of finance,” Charlotte says.

To find out more about why invoice finance is a better alternative for your business, call 1300 FUND ME or contact us.

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