Picking the right accountant

Hiring the right accountant can be a difficult task.

While having one is absolutely essential to sustaining the health of any growing business, it’s crucial that their values and goals are aligned with yours as a business owner, and that the relationship you develop is one that proffers the best decisions for your future growth plans.

While an accountant’s primary role is to manage a business’ financial records, ensuring that any required payments are fulfilled and the overall financial operations of the business are running efficiently, they can also be one of your primary advisers when it comes to growing your business the right way.

That’s why finding someone who you can work with is so important, because if your accountant is not switched on, neither is your business.

If you’re looking for a partner in growth, here’s our top five things to look for when selecting your future accountant…


The best way for your accountant to help maintain the finances within your business is by understanding what it’s like to own one. Establishing a relationship built on the mutual understanding of the pressures associated with owning a business is the best way to ensure that your accountant will keep you in-check and well looked after. They’ll also look to grow their business alongside yours, and will more likely than not use your success as one of their yardsticks.


Generally speaking, those that don’t operate within the accounting sector have a limited understanding of its language, and generally speaking finance people tend to forget that. Rather than becoming weighed down in headache-inducing jargon, find an accountant that can break down complex themes into easy-to-understand terms. Essentially, find one that speaks your language, not one that needs you to learn theirs.


Whether your accountant is charging you per hour or on a fixed fee basis, it is essential that you are able to fully understand the way in which you will be paying for their services. Before hiring an accountant, ensure you openly discuss how they will be charging you and what you are paying for, and just what scope that covers.


There is nothing worse than having an accountant that you can’t reach or who never calls you back. While it is almost impossible to have every phone call or email immediately answered, make sure you choose an accountant who is easy to get a hold of and practices reliable communication.


As technology continues to develop and transform the way we do business, it is important to stay on top of new applications and processes that could improve efficiency within your business, particularly within the realm of finance. Ensure your accountant remains up-to-date on any industry advancements and provides you with the best service possible.

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