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Timelio and DelayPay: Technology Partners in Agriculture

We are proud to have a technology partnership with DelayPay who are helping so many businesses in the agriculture industry manage cash flow. The first in our series of case studies, see how Timelio and DelayPay helped Melanie and her husband, Darren, manage a 2000 acre dairy establishment in South Australia to obtain the funding they needed to feed their livestock.

We are excited to be a part of this great story.


Melanie and her husband Darren manage a 2000 acre dairy establishment located by the shores of picturesque Lake Alexandrina in South Australia.

The expansive farm is dedicated to supporting a productive Holstein dairy herd, and Melanie says access to hay and grain for the cows was made extra challenging with the property’s low rainfall last year.

“We normally grow all our own feed. Last year we didn’t grow anything because there was no rain – we just didn’t have feed for all the cows and heifers.”

At a loss of what to do, Melanie and Darren were able to secure hay and grain but soon realised the solution to their feed problem raised the question of how to pay for it.

“To source what we needed, we were going to have to pay the grower for it somehow… it wasn’t like other years either where we could buy the feed as we required it – we needed to be able to buy 12 months feed in advance.” 

A subscriber to Farm Tender’s weekly emails, Melanie saw an article written by Dwain about the DelayPay model.

Thinking she may be on to something here – Melanie gave Dwain a call.

“I basically said this is what we want do, we need to buy this feed, it’s going to cost this much and we just can’t pay for it all at once.”

After initially considering either selling cows or obtaining funds from another company offering finance based on invoice amounts, Melanie says she quickly realised the only way is DelayPay.

“DelayPay is the only reason we have made it through this year. I don’t know how we would have been able to secure feed without it.”

“This other company had a ridiculous interest rate, and it was a rolling over arrangement that gave no flexibility. We would have been up for payments every six weeks, yet with DelayPay we only paid one fee for the whole six month term,” adds Melanie.

The one on one support given by Dwain and Kelsey every step of the way is one of the best things about DelayPay according to Melanie, along with how farmer orientated they are.

“When you talk to the bank – they don’t really care. If there’s a better way for you they’re not going to tell you if they can make a few extra dollars.”

“The DelayPay attitude is if this is a better way for you – then let’s do it! Being from farming and agricultural backgrounds themselves, you just feel Dwain and Kelsey are in it for the farmers and want to see them do well.”

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