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Timelio Introduces QuickBooks Integration

Fully Integrated Invoice Finance Solutions

Cloud accounting software, QuickBooks, has dominated the industry for over 35 years and its expansion into Australia’s flourishing market looks to take advantage of untapped potential.

With this in mind, Timelio has partnered with QuickBooks with full integration capacity for Invoice Financing, to keep businesses focused on what matters the most; managing cash flow and enabling growth!

Considering more than 5 million businesses (and growing fast!) now use QuickBooks’ accounting software globally, it’s an exciting opportunity for Timelio to expand our portfolio with this secure integration which keeps us aligned with our business vision: improving the financial well-being of our customers. 

Our already streamlined platform will be even simpler with the fully functional QuickBooks integration. So what does this mean? The integration brings with it a sub-10 minute application process for Invoice Finance – giving quicker access to funding than ever before! Other benefits include Timelio’s industry-leading flexibility and support structure with no lock in contracts and choice of funding options.

Accountants can also profit from a potential for deeper integration; allowing them to post journals or pull in outstanding invoices for funding on Timelio’s platform.

Cloud accounting has already proven to be beneficial for small-to-medium businesses in improving productivity, and we’ve compiled a few MORE reasons why we strongly recommend utilising the services of our partners at QuickBooks

Financial information is secure in the cloud

Cloud accounting serves as an efficient way of keeping financial information secure and accessible. QuickBooks stores data on its encrypted servers, so even if a laptop or mobile device is lost, data is still safe and accessible. Moreover, it backs up data on multiple servers in different locations, allowing them to remain stored and accessible in case of a server outage. QuickBooks monitors its servers 24 hours a day, so rest assured, data is safe in their hands

You have High Flexibility

QuickBooks’ services offer high flexibility, allowing continued work on mobile devices when on-the-go. Benefits also include competitive pricing, giving tighter control over finances. Scalability is straightforward, since businesses only pay for what they’re using, which can be increased or decreased accordingly. QuickBooks manages all maintenance costs and provides regular and automatic updates giving further peace of mind.

Minimal effort is required

QuickBooks works autonomously once integrated – a one-time sync of the apps and services that are in use (Timelio, Square, Paypal, etc) streamlines data, improving productivity while reducing effort. It also updates financials in real time, which equates to higher accuracy and fewer reporting errors. QuickBooks lets businesses manage expenses, pay bills, keep track of transactions, invoice customers and more. It also gives businesses the ability to generate financial reports and to help file taxes.

If you’re unsure about whether QuickBooks is right for you, fear not! QuickBooks has an extensive product suite, capable of catering to businesses of all industries or sizes.

Moving to cloud accounting could quantifiably save the time and effort of businesses, accountants and bookkeepers across the country. 

If you have any queries or would like to find out more about how Timelio or QuickBooks could benefit your business, visit, or chat with a team member at 1300 38 63 63.

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